Basic Botany for Wetland Assessment [June 19]

Are you new to plant identification?  If so this mini course is just for you.  We will cover basic plant skills including:

  • Field guide selection
  • How to us a dichotomous key
  • How to use a polyclave key
  •  Tips and tricks to quickly narrow down a species
  • What to do when you can't ID it
  • Botanical terms
  • Plant parts overview
  • Plus much more

If you are relatively new to working in wetland plant identification, this class will get you up to speed in just a few weeks.  It is highly recommend that you take this class before you undertake our Certified Botanist program. 

Teacher: Lori Reese

May 2019 - Winter Wetland Tree Identification Workshop Online

This workshop will present the tips, tricks, and techniques for identifying a tree’s species, by bud, twig, bark, pith and bundle scars. We will examine some of the more common wetland trees found east of the Rockies. Using real winter samples collected in the field we will get you ready for this winter’s wetland delineations.

Teacher: Lori Reese